Delivering Rural Internet without Satellites and Connecting people, not just houses,
to the internet.

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Coverage Area

Check out our interactive map to get an idea of coverage in your area. Even if you are not "covered" please give us a call and we will come and do a free sight survey to see how we can help you get our fabulous internet service!

Packages & Pricing

Yes, you might think it's your birthday...take a look and choose from one of our affordable packages that suits your needs.

Schedule a Free Site Survey

We will visit your home or business to see how we may be able to get you our reliable, land based high-speed wireless internet.

Well & Tank Monitoring

Now selling & installing tank and well monitoring equipment. Give us a call (805-365-4522) or send us a note for pricing. No internet connection or electricity required.

I LOVE my fast new internet service and am talking to my next door neighbor about getting it, too. She's paying through the nose for satellite and they can't even stream movies.