Got burning questions about rural wireless internet? Learn about Wilson Creek’s renowned, locally-owned wireless internet service!

Wilson Creek Communications specializes in reliable, high-speed internet service for the northern and expanding areas of San Luis Obispo County.  We built our services using quality land-based equipment. Therefore, our latency is significantly lower than satellite service–perfect for gamers!  Call or email us today and schedule a free site survey! We’ll connect you with the internet you want and deserve.

QIs there any limit to the amount of time we spend on the internet, log on/off or info we download?
ANo, we offer unlimited usage and data! However, if it is determined that you are using the network more than is suitable for your package we will need to talk about upgrading your service. (we haven't had a reason to do this yet)

QWhat’s the difference between upload and download? Why the different speeds?
AUpload is information being sent from you to the internet, downloads are being received by you from the internet.
The speeds are different because most networks (ours included) are better at getting information to you then the
other way around.

QWhat is a bridge and a router?
AThe bridge connects our network to your house and the router redistributes the internet in your home.

QIs there any contract?
AThere is no contract.

QIf we buy the equipment & decide not to continue is there any refund? Can we sell it back?
AIf within the 1st 3 months you decide not to continue we will take the equipment back and refund the cost of the
equipment, if it is unaltered and in good working condition.

QWhat is the 36 months lease? Do you lease equipment to own?
AYou have the option to purchase your equipment upfront or you may lease the equipment for 36 months. Once the lease payments end at 36 months you then own the equipment.

QRefer a person and get $50 credit on your account?
AYes, once someone you have referred has been with us for 3 months and are in good standing, your account will be credited $50 to use towards your monthly service fees.

QWill I get incoming phone calls? Will I still need my modem connected to my phone line?
AYes, you will be able to fully use your phone line while on the internet, our system does not use the phone lines. No you do not need a modem to connect to our system.

QWhat does kbps and mbps stand for?
Akbps = kilobits per second (1,000 bits per second)
mbps = megabits per second (1,000,000 bits per second)